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Sports Physiotherapy in Kochi, Kerala, India

WOHLPHYSIO - Sports Physiotherapy in Kochi, Kerala, India

Sports physical therapy is a specialized part of physiotherapy which helps athletes and players in recovery from the physical injuries. Sports injuries are different from normal day to day life. They use their body to the extreme and require quickness and strength.

* Sports physical therapy helps the players to retain their normal speed without any operation. It also teaches them about the ways to prevent injuries.

* A good physiotherapist will develop an individual plan for an injured athlete, focusing on meeting goals for physical performance in a safe, controlled manner.

* Registered Physiotherapists of Kerala (Kochi), India ensure that injured athletes do not force themselves too far and too fast, so that the sports injuries does not grow up and no new injuries are acquired.

* Untreated sports injuries can cause long term or permanent damage to players, especially those who continue to play sports with an unhealed injury Sports physical therapist in Kochi (Cochin, Ernakulam), Kerala, India use different effective management techniques such as “hands on “ and special exercises to cure the injury from the core.

The most common and complex conditions faced by athletes and sports persons are:

Ligament Sprains

Jumper's Knee

Flat Foot

Dislocated Shoulder

Elbow Pain


Golfers Elbow

Groin Strain

Hamstring Injury

Heel Pain

Heel Stress Fracture

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